harare-magistrates-court.03.09.10.jpgThe State has indicated that it is going to appeal against both conviction and sentence for Harare man, Nqobile Vuma who was given a wholly suspended sentence after facing charges of attempted murder.

The State represented by Mr Michael Reza has indicated that it is going to challenge the conviction after a Harare magistrate convicted Vuma on a lesser charge of assault.

Vuma was initially sentenced to five years but three years were suspended for five years while a further two years were suspended on condition that he pays restitution of US$649 to cater for medical expenses incurred by the complainant.

This left the accused scot free despite being found guilty.

The offer for restitution was however rejected by the complainant who felt that the court did not value his life by giving a non-custodial sentence to the accused.

The complainant escaped death by a whisker after being shot by the accused Police Officer.

The complainant is understood to have gone into a coma for five days after being shot.