The second state of the city address for Harare is being delivered at Town House where priority areas are being mapped while looking at the path chartered last year.

Acting Town Clerk Mrs Josephine Ncube says the city is committed to achieving the vision of the city to be a world class city status by 2025.

She revealed that the  2016 audited accounts for the city should be ready by 30th of April.

Mrs Ncube noted that the rapid results initiative has introduced performance culture at Town House.

The City of Harare says non payment of bills by residents remains a major challenge that is affecting revenue inflows.

Harare Mayor Councillor Bernard Manyenyeni this Thursday (today) briefed stakeholders on the path the city has been on and on future plans, highlighting that the city’s residents have to meet their end of the bargain for services to be provided.

The state of the city address, the second such meting with stakeholders, saw mayor Manyenyeni indicating that the current state of the roads, water availability and litter are at the top of council’s radar.

Mayor Manyenyeni says the business as usual approach will not solve the problems the city is facing, adding that the vision of achieving world class city status may be compromised.

The City of Harare has made huge strides in ensuring that it is now up to date with its audit financial statements with the 2016 accounts to be completed by the end of April.