State owned firms have started submitting proposals to be certified with globally recognised standards and regulatory authorities as they seek to be competitive and provide efficient products or services.

The government companies and ministries have been the missing link in terms of providing internationally acceptable products and services.

This has seen the public sector lagging behind regional and global competitiveness.

Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) Director General, Dr Eve Gadzikwa said the new Public Entities Corporate Governance Act, which is focused on best business practices for parastatals, has seen the public owned firms inquiring on the possibilities of globally acceptable product or service certification standards.

“They are coming to inquire on what can be done to ensure that they can comply, remember it has not been all that rosy in terms of compliance so they are really serious over the issue so that they can improve their service or product portfolios,” she said.

The standards certification plan is being made when the government earlier this year announced plans to dispose stake in some of its entities, restructure operations, merge departments or firms and possible listings on the local stock market.