iran tour operators.jpgThe tourism sector says it has started putting in place strategies to model the country’s hospitality sector to a way which promotes domestic tourism with emphasis on family tourism.   

Following a visit to Iran where family recreation and tourism is the order of the day especially over the weekends, Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Walter Mzembi said his ministry will soon embark on a programme which aims to transform people’s mindsets so that they start appreciating family tourism which starts by simple picnics.


A member of the Tourism Zimbabwe Team that was in the Islamic Republic of Iran recently, Dr Obediah Mazombwe said he was moved by Iranian men who spend more time with their families over weekends and said more resources should be put towards domestic tourism with family recreation topping the list.


Analysts say the problem should be tackled from a three point of view starting with change of mindsets, building recreational facilities that are family friendly while married women should start appreciating going out as a way to cement relationships rather than the misconceptions that only girlfriends should go to recreational centres with men.


The responsible ministry has been urged also to offer discounts facilities whenever a family visits a place of interest as Zimbabwean hotels are generally expensive compared to other countries.