A musical duo known as Stango and Nongoma made up of artists British Ncube and Ramadu Moyo have come up with a traditional music group which focuses on Ndebele culture.

Stango and Nongoma fuse the spiritual sound of mbira with guitars to produce a unique blend of majestic music derived from the Ndebele tradition vocal rhythms.

Ramadu whose stage name is Nongoma described their music as a beat that people should be proud of as it defines who we are as black people.

Their music has the purity and newness that touches in a spiritual way.

Stango said that one of their songs titled “OBulawayo” is a cry against violence, a yearn for better living in the city.

Based in Bulawayo which is also known as the country’s capital of arts and culture, Stango and Nongoma are a growing brand in the music scene.