Youths and war veterans from Kuwadzana constituency in Harare are set to benefit from housing stands availed through the assistance of their legislator, Cde Betty Kaseke.

The first phase of the stand allocation which will see around 700 individuals benefitting, is set to go a long way in ensuring the less privileged members of the Kuwadzana community access housing.

The beneficiaries, who spoke to the ZBC News on the sidelines of a rally that announced the development, hailed Zanu PF as a party that has consistently shown that it is concerned about the welfare of the country’s citizens.

Cde Kaseke underscored the need for Zanu PF members in her constituency to be within the party structures while in the same vein highlighting that there is a strong commitment to ensure Zimbabweans are empowered through various initiatives.

There is also high optimism that the party will have a clean sweep in next year’s general elections as a result of its sound national policies that have advanced the livelihoods of many Zimbabweans.

Under the ZIMASSET economic blueprint, the government has targeted to provide 300 000 housing stands by 2018.