The Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) is working on an infrastructure development programme that seeks to enhance sporting facilities in all tertiary institutions across the country.

According to the commission, focus is on tertiary institutions due to an abundance of talent which in most cases is never developed.

However, very few institutions have adequate sporting facilities, raising the need for the institutions to be assisted to develop sporting facilities.

According to an SRC commissioner, Clement Mukwasi, the assistance will be technical and will incorporate identification of local and foreign investors who are willing to participate in developing sporting infrastructure in the country.

“We are actually seeing the development of rugby and cricket coming into Matabeleland North Province but our core area must actually be the tertiary institutions then develop into the communities then into wards. Everyone in Zimbabwe has a constitutional right to sporting, so everybody must access sport in facilities with minimum standards but we know that if we focus on tertiary institutions, we may help in the mobilisation of resources, help in the identification of people who can be  partners with such institutions to develop world class facilities which will then develop our athletes,” he explained.

Lupane State University is one of the institutions set to benefit from this initiative, since it has no sporting facilities at the main campus in Lupane.

The initiative, which is also set to incorporate secondary schools, is also being developed to fulfil the needs of the new curriculum to increase the number of sport codes that are available for both school children and students in tertiary institutions.