junior footballers.jpgThe Sport and Recreation Commission says it is waiting for the signing of the protocol agreement for it to start preparations to host the 2014 SADC Zone Six games.


The SRC acting Director General, Mr Joseph Muchechetere said: “We re aware of our position as the next host of the SADC games and have since advised government. All there has been a few delays we are hoping that once the protocol agreement is signed then we can start preparing to host.”


He added that regarding preparations for the Zambia edition, the SRC has since advised government of the requirements so as to avoid unwarranted penalties and that Zimbabwe has already submitted the participating teams by numbers.


“We have also advised government of the critical path that we need to follow to avoid such incidents and heavy fines and we are still on course. So far as a country we are left with identifying the athletes,” he said.

After Zimbabwe’s Zone Six team at the 2010 edition in Swaziland was forced out of the games village for failure to pay its affiliation fees on time and resulting in the team having to scavenge for two nights, observers say the country should put in place early planning mechanisms to avoid such embarrassments.