For many, home is a safe place where one resides and gets basic facilities like water, food and protection, but this is not the case for people who reside at the Borrowdale squatter camp in Harare.

In 2012, a pilot programme was launched to help the poor in Zimbabwe as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pledged to assist informal settlers, among them the Borrowdale – Gunhill squatters.

To this day, the promise remains a pipe dream for many as the squatters are yet to receive their stands.

Living in adverse conditions with no proper infrastructure, only 20 of the 221 people have benefited from the programme.

It is alleged that some people who were supposed to benefit were removed from the programme and were substituted by some unknown persons.

Asked for comment on the issue, Harare City Council Spokesperson, Mr Michael Chideme said the initial beneficiaries of the programme on their list will be allocated.

The squatters reside close to the luxurious leafy suburbs of Borrowdale and Gunhill although to them running water, electricity, and proper shelter remains a nightmare as they continue to hope for the promised and much awaited stands in Mabvuku.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation conducted a programme in conjuction with the Harare City Council and targeted the poor and informal settlers among them Mbare settlers and those in Dzivarasekwa.