squashh.jpgBelgravia Squash Academy in Harare has broken new ground by becoming the first training centre to spread the game to the rural areas as the academy’s development programme continues with its talent identification drive.


The Belgravia Squash Academy continues to be the leading scout for talent among the disadvantaged in the country.


With a vibrant development programme up and running, the academy has spread its talent identification drive to the rural areas, with Parirehwa School in Domboshava joining the development fold.


One of the academy’s coaches, Rodwell Nyakabawo said it is their principal objective to ensure that squash, which not so long ago was a sport for the elite, is spread to as many rural areas as possible to ensure they have a wide base to select talent from.


Although the players from Domboshawa are still in the initial stages of mastering the techniques of the game, Nyakabawo expressed satisfaction with the potential they have exhibited.


“What I see is that they have a lot of potential, and all they need is more time to practice. I saw some good forehand and backhand techniques and its encouraging,” said Nyakabawo.


The players from Domboshava have in a short space of time developed a strong passion for squash and are determined to learn more about the game.


Belgravia Squash Academy has become a breeding ground for raw talent among the disadvantaged who possess the talent but not the means to enhance their potential.


The academy is also playing a key role in nurturing talent in the high density areas with scores of children from Glen View, Dzivarasekwa and Chitungwiza suburbs in Harare now part of the development programme, while more schools in the rural areas  are expected to join the set up.