tourism2.jpgThe Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) says a number of strategies are being put in place to enhance domestic tourism so that it can compliment international tourist activity, thereby boosting overall performance.


The month of September has been declared the tourism month to foster awareness among Zimbabweans and the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic values.

ZTA spokesperson, Mr. Sugar Chagonda said this year the month will be celebrated by tourism enterprises and various organisations through participating in events ranging from sport, tourism symposiums, clean up campaigns, school competitions as well as the national tourism awards.

Mr. Chagonda said in the last two months, the sector has shown that it is on the recovery path, adding that stakeholders in the sector are optimistic that this year the sector will contribute more than 15% to the gross domestic product on the basis of the number of jobs it generates and the number of clients it serves.

This year the World Tourism Day will be celebrated in Victoria Falls on the 27th of September under the theme “Tourism and Biodiversity”.

 The theme seeks to highlight an in-depth relationship between tourism and biodiversity.