industrial.jpgThe country’s economic growth rates for the past two years have come under scrutiny from industrialists who say they are not commensurate with what is obtaining on the ground.

Zimbabwe’s economy has been on a growth path since the adoption of the multi-currency regime in 2009 and is anticipated to continue on an upward growth mode this year.

Such growth is expected to be driven by mining, tourism and agriculture, among other sectors.

Industrialist Anthony Mandiwanza said what is prevailing in the country is not growth rate, but is only a recovery rate which will be translated into growth rate later in the decade.

Mandiwanza added that the recovery rates depend on the sectors of the economy under scrutiny as some sectors are not performing while others are doing well.

Economic commentator Keith Guzah said figures of growth rates leave a lot to be desired as several firms are closing operations owing to unavailability of liquidity, hence the need for relevant ministries to come out clear on the growth rates.

Efforts to get a comment from the Ministry of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion proved fruitless as the Permanent Secretary, Dr Desire Sibanda was not available on his mobile.

The country’s economy recorded a 5.7 percent growth in 2009 with 8.1 percent having been recorded in 2010, while last year it was projected to record 9.3 percent.

Despite these figures, it is reported that 80 firms from Bulawayo have closed operations owing to financial constraints.