Vice President Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa has hailed sport for its power to unite society and mobilise much funds needed for charity.

He was speaking at the 21st anniversary of the Republic Cup horse race in Harare today.

Zimbabwe’s biggest charity horse race the Republic Cup turned 21 amid pomp and fanfare, with the business community being challenged to develop a strong will to give back to the less privileged members of society.

Officiating at the event Vice President Mnangagwa said the young generation of Zimbabwe should develop a culture of giving to the underprivileged as demonstrated by the older generation.

“21 years of existence means we believe this race is sustainable and there is no doubt it will continue to grow. It doesn’t require this heavy talk but requires business support and support of command agriculture because if we can feed our nation we should be able to feed the underprivileged,” said Cde Mnangagwa.

The Republic Cup which has grown in stature over the last 21 years is the brain child of His Excellency Kamal Khalfan.

“This is not just any other horse race. It’s purely for charity. 21 years ago something happened in my life and i decided i should start a charity but i didn’t know anything about charity so i thought of having a top horse race,” he said.

The Republic Cup is such a remarkable occasion and it has been instrumental in shaping how horse racing is perceived.

The majority of race horses which took part in the Republic Cup were drawn from neighbouring South Africa with Comanche Brave taking the title.