imag2184.jpgLocal sport association leaders have been challenged to take seriously the issue of organising major events which when done properly can contribute significantly towards the country’s gross domestic product.

The fundamental nature of organising a major event came to light during the 6th Module of the 4th intake of the Advanced Sport Management Course held at the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee headquarters in the capital.

One of the ASMC course directors, Edward Siwela, said while sport covers a lot of key areas, one of the most prominent aspects is organising a major event, which when done properly plays an essential part in enhancing the country’s GDP.

“This module seeks to ensure that administrators have the necessary skills to organise these major events in a manner that benefits athletes and the country, because as we organise these events we should remember they’re an important component of development.


When you organise these major events you bring sporting people and spectators from all over the world. They bring with them money to spend which tends to boost our GDP.”

He added, “Clearly when the events are not organised properly, you’ll find that the long term effects are such that you may not attract the numbers you want, hence you won’t be able to benefit athletes and the country in the manner they should.”

14 participants from various national sport associations took part in the 6th module of the Advanced Sport Management Course focusing on organising a major event and will before year end go through the 7th and final module of the course aimed at churning out efficient and effective sport administrators.