The government has been challenged to speed up the public sector reform process by closing non-functional and non-strategic parastatals to attract investment partners.

The reform process will be implemented once the Public Entities Corporate Governance   Bill becomes law to regulate the operations of parastatal boards and spell out their functions.

Stallion Consultancy Managing Director, Mr Zack Murerwa said people should change their mindset in doing their job since most of the state enterprises are making losses.

State Enterprises Restructuring Agency Investment Analyst, Mr Nation Bobo also noted that state owned enterprises, when properly managed, can contribute to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Companies which performed well in the public sector last year received various awards.

Some of the companies which won in the eight categories include Tobacco Industries and Marketing Board (TIMB), Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund, National Bio-Technology Authority of Zimbabwe, National AIDS Council and National Oil Infrastructure Company.