lovemore moyo.jpgThe Clerk of Parliament, Mr Austin Zvoma has postponed the resumption of business for the lower House of Assembly indefinitely, saying the august house can only seat after the election of a new speaker.

Mr Zvoma said the nullification of the election of the Speaker of lower House of Assembly by the Supreme Court judgment on the 10th of this month meant that the official business of the house ceased operations hence the need for new elections.

“The ruling means that Mr L. Moyo was never legally elected Speaker: he was de facto Speaker from 25 August 2008 until 10 March 2011, the date of the Supreme Court ruling,” Mr Zvoma said.

“I, as the Clerk of Parliament duly mandated to comply with the provisions of the Constitution and Standing Orders, do hereby announce that the election of Speaker will take place on a future date to be announced in due course.”

Mr Zvoma however said the decisions made by Mr Lovemore Moyo as de-facto Speaker of august house stand.

“This notwithstanding, precedent is clear, that decisions made by the incumbent during this period remain valid for legal and other consequences,” Mr Zvoma added.

Meanwhile, it seems it never rains but pours for the dethroned Speaker after Mr Zvoma has indicated that Mr Moyo is no longer a House of Assembly member.

Mr Moyo has since filed an urgent court application seeking legal action to have his position as legislator for Matobo North restored.

According to the constitution the re-election of a new speaker can only be convened by the Clerk of Parliament and the suspension of business in the lower house means the country will have a dysfunctional parliament until the election of a new speaker.

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