Minister of Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development Dr Mike Bimha

The government has directed business member organisations (BMOs) to speak with one voice in order to effectively influence policy formulation and address issues affecting the economy.

The influx of several business organisations has created challenges on gathering data and policy formulation due to different proposals and views.

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development Dr Mike Bimha, who met the BMOs today, lack of a unified voice is hindering attempts to solve productivity issues.

“It is not all that easy but we hope something can be done to unlock the value in the economy and ensure more is attained from a unified voice,” said Dr Bimha.

An industrialist Dr Joseph Kanyekanye says a common shared vision from the business community will facilitate a smooth and workable macro-economic planning system.

“What else can be done in this economy apart from focusing on the deliverables that can unlock more benefits in this economy to enhance growth and prosperity,” Dr Kanyekanye said.

Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer Mr Chris Mugaga says the economy is too small to have more than 70 BMOs.

“Our economy cannot accommodate that and we hope further developments can be done in this economy to enhance the value of production,” said Mr Mugaga.

While the BMOs have ruled out the possibilities of merging into a single body, they have proposed to form a committee that will gather data, research on economic issues and make recommendations to the government.