Life in prison is one where apart from one’s liberties being stripped away, everyday essentials become scarce or even unavailable.

Bearing that in mind, it was an exciting moment for the Chikurubi female prison inmates when a local arts group handed over some groceries and sanitary wear to the inmates.

Life in prison is that of set patterns meant to ensure the prisoner is rehabilitated.

However, for the Chikurubi female prisoners, members of the Zim Totem band offered a welcome diversion as they provided some musical relief, sanitary wear and food hampers to the Chikurubi female prisoners this afternoon.

Many of the prisoners have been forgotten by their loved ones and the gesture left them with the feeling that at least there are individuals concerned about their welfare.

Chikurubi female prison Officer-in-Charge, Mary Chikarakara Misihairambwi applauded the gesture by the band to donate to the prison.

“Life in prison is not the end of the world and as such there is need for Zimbabweans to rally behind those behind bars as change is possible,” said Zim Totem director, Chiremba Hwesa Masango.

For many of the prisoners it was a time to forget that they are confined to the four walls as the Zim Totem band, Chigaba Chehuchi Group as well as the Chikurubi female prison traditional dance group put up a sterling performance.