More than 200 orphans and less privileged children from Dzivarasekwa (DZ) and the surrounding areas have been forced to attend classes in makeshift classrooms upon failure to secure tuition fees to enroll at the local community schools.

It is business as usual at Jubilee Study Centre located in Dzivarasekwa as students sit in makeshift classrooms with just two brick walls shielding them from the cool winter breeze.

This however did not come out of their own volition, rather life circumstances led to the sad situation.

Having failed to secure tuition fees to enroll at  local schools in the area, the children most of whom are orphans or coming from less privileged families said they have found an opportunity to pursue their academic dreams by attending lessons at the study centre.

Despite operating with limited resources and a  few voluntary teachers Amai Rejoice Deshu, a pastor and founder of Jubilee Study Centre said the idea came to her when she noticed that children in the community always roamed around the streets, being exposed to drug abuse and child sexual exploitation.

The study centre accommodates more than 200 children from Dzivarasekwa, Kuwadzana and Tynwald and the major challenge cited is the lack of funds to buy stationery.

The Constitution of Zimbabwe guarantees every child the right to education, health care services, nutrition and shelter.