He has never enjoyed childhood as he was in and out of hospital beginning at the age of three and now at 14 years Donald Dziruni who suffers from a condition called ‘Xerodema Pigmentosa’ is a school dropout as the condition is worsening with each new day.

Xeroderma Pigmentosa is a rare condition passed down through families in which the skin and tissue covering the eye are extremely sensitive to ultraviolet light.

The condition of pigmentosa has become a thorn in the flesh for Donald having lived with the condition for 14 years.

The condition which was diagnosed at the age of three has now worsened and as a result he is now partially blind.

The pigmentosa disease has become full blown deforming his face and head.

The disease has begun slowly to destroy his lips and despite five separate operations which were carried out to try and manage the condition, he is getting worse day by day.

Worse still, Donald is being looked after by his aunt who is blind and all her savings have ran out.

Mrs Helen Dziruni, the aunt, is pinning her hopes on the intervention of well wishers.

Like any other child, Donald still believes that his dream to become a nurse or an engineer can be realised, but that wish can only be fulfilled once he gets medical assistance.

His uncle Mr Kenneth Dziruni together with other family members have tried to get help from local health institutions and even churches but to no avail.

The family is now appealing for financial assistance as the hospital bills have become too heavy.

For the past 14 years his desire to live a healthy life has just but become a pipe dream.

It has been pain and more pain for him day and night.

For those with any form of assistance they can get in touch with Mrs Helen Dziruni on 0774 392267 or 0773 499 440 or to visit the family at number 1 Browning Close, Fairbridge Park in Mutare.