The Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) today signed a memorandum of understanding (mou) with La Liga which could see Malaga visiting the country and playing against a PSL team or select side.

The agreement will also see La Liga providing assistance in grassroots development.

The landmark agreement could see Zimbabwe benefitting from one of the top global leagues La Liga.

Under the mou, Zimbabwe could in July host La Liga outfit Malaga who already have a scheduled trip to South Africa.

The two parties are now looking at working towards an arrangement which could see Malaga visiting the Victoria Falls before playing a friendly with a local side as part of the partnership.

La Liga Africa director Antonio Barradas said the main thrust of the Spanish league is providing assistance that will help Zimbabwe develop its football through grassroots development programmes which include sending technocrats that will train Zimbabwean coaches and talent.

As an immediate step towards assisting with grassroots development, Barradas pledged 1000 balls to be distributed to schools and  junior teams.

Barradas declared La Liga’s thrust of putting a foothold in Zimbabwe and Africa through various initiatives that include the continent nurtures talent that lies in abundance.