south sudan map.jpgHundreds of people have staged a demonstration in South Sudan to protest against violence that has engulfed parts of the country since its independence in July last year.

A protest rally held in Juba, called for unity and solidarity among all the Sudanese and denounced violence and murder.

Jonglei governor, Kuol Manyang said 24 people have been killed in several towns since the start of the clashes around the town of Pibor.
The clashes between rival ethnic groups are a result cattle raids that have spiraled out of control.

Southern Sudan representative in Harare, Mr Samuel Luarite says it is regrettable that Sudan is proving to be a hostile neighbor as it continues to supply weapons to some ethnic groups and supporting a rebel movement to destabilise the new government in Juba.

Mr Luarte said juba has reacted by deploying troops to the troubled and has managed to control the fighting.