Life at the Society of the Destitute and Aged (SODA) in Highfield has become dire as the senior citizens staying at the old people’s home lack basic services that include food and medical care.

Old people often have limited abilities and are more susceptible to diseases, syndromes and sickness than younger adults hence they require more attention and society assistance.

According to the country’s cultural values, old people ought to be taken care of by the younger members of the family but a visit to the SODA in Highfield saw the senior citizens appealing for assistance from the society in order to access basic needs that include food and medical care.

SODA chairperson, Mr Savious Mujere said lack of sponsorship has affected his organisation’s capacity to effectively take care of the 24 elderly people at the old people’s home.

Mr Mujere who is a Rotarian said his institution is welcome to enter into public private partnerships to improve its operations.

The old people’s home has a clinic that is not operating as there is no medication and health personnel to run the facility.

The SODA is in possession of land close to five hectares where a number of projects to raise money to sustain its operations can be done.