mahoso.jpgSocial commentators have blasted the corruption shown by Non-Governmental Organisations, Global Witness and Partnership Africa Canada, PAC, which attempted extortion of  Zimbabwe’s diamonds in exchange for backing the sale of the country’s gems.



The condemnation of the NGOs’ attempts to bribe Zimbabwe’s delegation to the recent KP inter-sessional meeting in Israel, comes in the wake of increased criticism of the corruption demonstrated by the civic society in making an unprecedented financial demand of one percent of the value of Zimbabwe’s diamonds. 


The revelations of the shocking demand has exposed the corruption and greediness of the civic society representatives in the Kimberley Process and the reasons for sustained attempts to politicise the Chiadzwa diamonds.

Social commentator Dr. Tafataona Mahoso, who described as extortion proposals by the civic society, said the whole campaign against Zimbabwe is emanating from the fear of Zimbabwe’s entry into the global diamond industry, given the vast diamond deposits and potential revenue the country will earn from diamond sales.
 “There are fears by these countries in the ability of the country to up set the global diamond industry  by controlling the supply of the industry,” said Dr Mahoso.  


Observers say the US-NGOs coalition has resulted in the manipulation of the Kimberley Process to unjustifiably block the auctioning of the Zimbabwe’s diamonds through malicious means.
Commentating on the so called independent media reports tarnishing the country’s diamonds, social commentator, Dr. Vimbai Chivaura said it is surprising that some Zimbabweans are being used to push for a foreign agenda at the expense of national interests.
“It is surprising that these noise makers were quite during that time when diamonds were being looted in Chiadzwa by ACR and De-Beer,” Dr Chivaura said.
The comments by the social commentators follow the recent publication in the Diamond Intelligence Briefs confirming as true attempts by NGOs during the Israel meeting to seek a one per cent remittance from the sale of Chiadza diamonds in return for support for the certification.
Diamond Intelligence Briefs author Mr. Chaim Even-Zohar acknowledges that, “It is not correct to say that the proposal wasn’t put on the negotiating table- it was. Furthermore it become an integral part of a proposal which included the resumption of exports…It was debated for hours after elements of the Tuesday night brainstorm.”
Evan- Zohar’s comments quashes recent denials by Global Witness and PAC that they had not attempted to bribe Mines and Mining Development minister, Cde. Obert Mpofu in Israel.