Tradition has now proved tobacco floors create a thriving business with the opening of each selling season.

This year is no different as almost every business venture imaginable has shifted to the floors with traders jostling to get a share of farmers’ rich pickings by hook and crook.

Job creation is a concept wrongly understood by many, but asking local traders around the tobacco auction floors will give testimony of some of the employment ventures that small and medium entrepreneurs engage in.

The lucrative tobacco industry marketing season always creates an economy of its own in as far as traders converge from different parts of Harare to sell their wares outside the auction floors.

From boiled eggs, electrical gadgets, furniture, farm equipment to cars, every trader wants a share of proceeds from tobacco farmers.

Like in any business environment some hit a purple patch, but others encounter a brick wall and they have nothing to show for their labour except the stock at their disposal.

Amid the hustle and bustle, conmen also lie in wait for the undiscerning rural farmer who in many instances ends up buying impulsively.

After all, for many farmers the huge wad of money in their pockets means they can spend to their heart’s desire.

Caution though must be thrown to the rural farmer never to chew into the capital lest the farming business collapse.