rapoko.jpgA local organization which specializes in traditional food stuffs has encouraged Smallholder farmers to concentrate on the planting of small grains and to use organic manure which preserves soil.

The organization which also supports farmers, Cluster Agricultural Development Services, CADS, held a two day exhibition at the Harare Agricultural Show under the theme ‘Processed Products Fair’.

Small holder farmers exhibited various traditional crops and shared their experiences.

Executive Director of the Organization, Ms. Lillian Machivenyika said the show is in line with promoting sustainable agriculture practices and encouraging farmers to revert back to conservative methods of farming with emphasis on traditional crops.

Farmers who exhibited various traditional crops and processed food stuffs urged fellow farmers to adopt sustainable agricultural practices and also encouraged people to shun refined foods which they said are not healthy.

Eight farming organizations from the Mashonaland provinces took part in the fair which was also a platform to expose the farmers to new methods of adding value to their produces.

Some of the products exhibited at the fair included traditional tea, Sweet potato juice, Cassava bread, Cowpea sausages and Rapoko sadza among others.