Small scale miners have been advised to consider suspending operations to avoid disasters resulting from flooded shafts or curving in of tunnels caused by the incessant rains.

Small scale miners who use makeshift processes when timbering their mineshafts face the danger of being injured as the ground is soft due to the soaking rains the country is experiencing.

To avert disasters miners have been called upon to be careful when blasting as the wet surface could disintegrate and close the shafts and tunnels.

This was said by Mr Ishmael Kaguru, the vice president of the Zimbabwe Miners Federation, when he spoke to the ZBC News.

He said while it is important for miners to produce more gold, it was advisable for them to suspend operations and ensure that they resume only when the rains have stopped to avoid accidents.

Mr Kaguru noted that it has become the norm that every year operations of small scale miners have to be stopped during the rainy season to avoid loss of life as a result of accidents.

Small scale miners established themselves as the spine of the gold mining sector delivering over 13 tonnes of gold to Fidelity Printers and Refiners last year.

Big gold mining companies who are well resourced have, however, played second fiddle to small scale miners raising suspicions among observers that there is insincerity and of lack of transparency in their operations.