Following an impressive showing by small scale gold miners in the first quarter of 2018 where they delivered 4.2 tonnes of gold, the month of April was yet another good month as they produced almost two tonnes of the yellow metal.

The impressive deliveries of gold by small scale miners who have brought in a total of 6.1 tonnes of gold comes at a time when the big miners who are using the state of-the-art machinery have managed just 3.9 tonnes of gold.

While reasons for low deliveries by big miners remain speculative, the surge by small scale miners has been attributed to the support they are getting from Fidelity Printers and Refineries who are in the process of capacitating the small scale miners with improved tools such as compressors and generators.

In an interview with ZBC News, the spokesperson of the Zimbabwe Miners Federation Mr Dousman Mangisi said the impact of small scale miners on the national economy is now being felt and they want to continue improving.

He also appealed for the relaxation of the of loan conditions to miners by Fidelity Printers saying most small scale miners don’t have the required collateral security but have the capacity to produce gold as they have been consistent with deliveries, hence the need to consider their loyalty to Fidelity when assessing the loan applications.

Small scale miners are in a transition stage where they are upgrading their operations from the hammer and chisel system to fully equipped operations that improve the output.