Open pits left behind by small scale miners in several parts of the Midlands Province have become an environmental hazard, threatening both human and livestock lives.

Just a few metres off the road linking Shurugwi and Zvishavane towns, small scale miners are digging up to 10m deep pits.

It is not only human life under threat but even livestock which has known most of the places as their pastures. 

The sight of deep open pits and gullies, an end result of unsustainable mining activities is a challenge which local authorities are grappling with. 

The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) is also concerned, noting the fact that policy is clear that all dug up areas must be rehabilitated 6 months from the date when project is completed.

Areas around Mberengwa, Zvishavane and Shurugwi are some of the most affected. 

Yes the government has been applauded for coming up with this initiative which then involved small scale miners in gold and chrome production but there is concern and questions of environmental degradation and how reclamation should come into play.