Despite recording impressive success on production statistics, the small scale and artisanal mining sector is still faced with a number of challenges that include the poor working environment and inadequate machinery, which may be stifling their performance.

The sector is an important contributor to the overall gold production, yet it remains an industry dogged by a number of challenges that undermine its optimum performance. 

Artisanal miners have to deal with policy issues that remain unclear as to the limits and delimits of the decriminalisation statement announced by the central bank last year.

The miners are also faced with safety and health challenges which they endure on a daily basis.

Zimbabwe Miners Federation CEO, Mr Wellington Takavarasha said inadequate machinery is equally of concern for this industry as small scale miners have to make do with makeshift equipment that has done well to cover for this gap.

It is an industry that holds a lot of potential as reflected by the strong performance recorded in production output since June this year.