agric produce 07.09.10.jpgMore than four thousand local small grain farmers who were struggling to find markets for their produce have received a major boost after a local non-governmental organisation chipped in by assisting the farmers in accessing loans and markets for their produce.


The farmers have also been subjected to unfair deals by contractors who were not giving them money that is viable.



The Swedish Cooperative Centre is identifying markets for farmers who are into small grains, horticulture and dairy farming.


Small grain farmers from the lowveld who are benefiting from the project said they have been facing a number of challenges which include unfair pricing from contractors.


“We have in past been selling our produce to contractors who were paying very low prices that were making it difficult for us to go back to the field,” said one farmer.


Swedish Cooperative Centre Programme Coordinator, Mr Jonathan Kagoro said they adopted the initiative after realising that farmers were living in abject poverty despite toiling in the fields.


“Farmers have been subjected to unfair practices and have been failing to identify markets for their produce. We are connecting them with the markets and at the moment we have about 200 000 tonnes of sorghum,” said Mr Kagoro.


Farmers have on a number of occasions been prejudiced by buyers who are offering prices which are not viable and are not fair to the farmers.


Recently tobacco and cotton farmers were crying fowl after contractors and buyers were offering prices which will not allow them to produce in the next season.