slizer 22-08-11.pngBotswana music sensation, Naledi Kaisara, better known as Slizer in music circles, is currently in the country and set to work on an album aimed at promoting Zimbabwe as a safe tourist destination.

The Batswana singer and dancer, who is currently on a tour of the country’s tourist resorts ahead of the production of her album dedicated to the promotion of Zimbabwe as a safe tourist destination, told journalists at a media briefing that she will do everything she can to promote the country through song and dance as the true Zimbabwean story has not yet been told.

“I feel it is the only way I can give back to Zimbabwe which is my second home. I am ready to give everything to promote the country and will tell people about the real Zimbabwe,” said Slizer.

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) Chief Executive Officer, Mr Karikoga Kaseke has urged local artists to emulate Slizer’s project,  saying music is a powerful tool that can be used to correct the negative perception generated by the western media.

“We hope Zimbabwean musicians will follow her approach. Let us support and assist her so that her attempt is not futile,” Mr Kaseke said.

The musical sensation rose to fame with her 2008 House-Kwasa album, O Tswa Kae, which made her a darling of many local fans.

The artist has performed many shows in the country, including at the 21st February movement bash and has done collaborations with Sungura maestro, Alick Macheso.