Those who do not know Radio Zimbabwe Producer/Presenter, Richmond Siyakurima, would be forgiven to believe that the man featuring in a video circulating on social media is indeed Siyakurima.

The man is however the Mutare-based Victor Musarurwa, who is now enjoying the fame of Siyakurima.

The story of Siyakurima’s inspiration has gotten even better, as yet another copycat, Tendai Kachuru shares the stage with Musarurwa and in the process entice their audience who in the end pay for their entertainment services.

Placed against their master, the original Siyakurima proved that he has much more to offer.

Sometimes our actions bring us closer to our destiny and for the two pseudo Siyakurimas, their imitations afforded them a dream opportunity to finally meet their role model and of course the Radio President, Season Ndundu in action.

The imitations are a public endorsement of the impact of Radio Zimbabwe and the brand called ZBC.

Dreams sometimes become a reality and for the two Radio Zimbabwe listeners-cum Siyakurima imitators, who knows what life is in store for them, maybe one day their dreams will come true and they will find themselves working for the family station.