Sino Cement Company is set to open a state of the art brick moulding company, a move that will create competitiveness in the brick industry sector.

With the construction industry continuing to rise, the Gweru-based cement manufacturer is moving a step further towards tapping into this sector by setting up a multi-million dollar automatic brick making plant that will produce more than 60 million bricks annually.

The plant is now 70 percent complete with engineers working on final installations before production begins in two months time.

Sino Managing Director, Wang Yong said the brick plant will manufacture high quality bricks using the by-product of quarry shell and coal ash.

“Our brick project will be completed in two months time, and currently, we are 70 percent complete. We are using environmentally friendly material, a by-product from our quarry mining,” he said. 

Wang however lamented the shortage of foreign currency which he said is hampering their cement operations as some of their raw materials and spare parts are imported.

The brick manufacturing plant will not only create employment but will generate the much needed foreign currency through export of the bricks as some are used to line blast furnaces in other countries.