job 20.10.jpgControversial MDC99 leader, Job Sikhala, says Zimbabwe should not be allowed to sell its diamonds under the KPCS system, an utterance that has drawn the anger of ordinary Zimbabweans.  

In a news briefing in the capital , Mr Sikhala surprised the whole world when he described the decision by the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme to allow the immediate sale of the country’s diamonds as scandalous and disgusting.


In a move that can best be described as political naivety and out of tune with the wishes of the nation, Mr Sikhala labelled Zimbabwe’s gems ‘blood diamonds’, at a time when the KPCS has authorized certification of the precious stones.


To many he seems to be failing to appreciate the economic challenges facing Zimbabwe as a result of illegal sanctions that have crippled the country for the past 10 years.


Some observers say Mr. Sikhala is singing so loud for his supper so that the donor community may listen to him and extend financial resources to his little-known political party.

A cross-section of ordinary Zimbabweans castigated statements by Mr. Sikhala as uncalled for, given the endorsement by cabinet of the outcome in Russia allowing Zimbabwe to sell its diamonds.


They said Mr. Sikhala does not have the authority to denounce the certification of the precious stones and is just seeking cheap publicity.


The failure by Sikhala to appreciate and support national causes such as the need to sell the Chiadzwa diamonds to help jumpstart the national economy, has thrown into serious doubt his political and economic vision as a leader, following recent statements he made supporting the western-imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe.