jobsikhala.jpgThe public has called upon MDC 99 leader Job Sikhala to retract the statements he made, when he called for the extension of sanctions to the country as the inclusive government is doing its best to convince the West to lift the restrictive measures on the country.



Members of the public have expressed dismay at the utterances by the MDC 99 President Job Sikhala’s call for the extension of sanctions to the Deputy Prime Minister Professor Arthur Mutambara and Co-Home Affairs Minister Mr. Giles Mutsekwa saying the utterances are destructive and are meant to reverse the gains the country has made in negotiating for the removal of sanctions.



The people said with the nation still reeling under sanctions and the inclusive government working together tirelessly for the removal of sanctions, it is surprising that MDC 99 is calling for the extension of sanctions to some members of the inclusive government at a time when the country is trying to recover from the adverse effects of sanctions which had brought the economy to its knees.


Some called for the arrest of  Mr. Sikhala while others said MDC99 should find better ways of seeking public attention rather than tempering with the fragile issue of sanctions.


At a media briefing in Harare on Wednesday, Mr Sikhala called on the international community to extend sanctions to some members of the inclusive government.


The sanctions which were imposed on Zimbabwe by some Western countries have brought untold suffering to ordinary Zimbabweans as they have crippled strategic sectors of the nation like health, education and agriculture among others.