The fight against cancer is a major concern for Zimbabwe which demands collective responses to address the effects as many lives continue to be lost.

While cancer cases are highlighted and given more attention in cities for many in remote rural set ups, the burden is worsened by lack of immediate assistance as was the case for the now deceased 7-year-old Bhekisipho Dube.

A few weeks ago, the ZBC News reported a story of young Bhekisipho who was suffering from cancer from the age of 3 months.

The little girl would go on to live as far as 7 years old, only to give up the fight two weeks ago.

Sadly, this is a condition which could have been addressed had the little one got help on time.

The reality of the burden of cancer is something many a family has encountered.

The disease itself has with time regenerated beyond the ordinary known types, making its diagnosis sometimes difficult and giving rise to the need for early detection.

Bhekisipho’s grandmother, Gogo Dube shared the painful journey on how she felt empty when she cried for help and none came.

Had help come on time, young Bhekisipho’s life could have been saved.

Cancer continues killing many people and at present, it is one of the diseases that has really wrecked havoc, thus justifying the quest for a cancer fund in the country.