Shurugwi’s Chief Banga is seeking assistance to sub-divide a 5.8 hectare piece of land into plots and set up irrigation for the more than 300 families set to benefit.

The conversion of the piece of land into plots with irrigation infrastructure will help improve food security in a region characterised by unpredictable rainfall parttens, according to Chief Banga.

The piece of land was abandoned two years ago by Chinese nationals who cleared it and sunk a borehole, hence plans to set up irrigation.

Food security remains a concern in many arid areas in the country and despite several initiatives by the government including the successful command agriculture programme to feed the millions in the country, more still needs to be done to help communities in semi-arid regions to ensure food self-sufficiency.

With irrigation, the Shurugwi community can reduce poverty and hunger and stop looking up to the government for food donations and food handouts from other organisations.