vp mujuru 2010.jpgVice President Joice Mujuru has implored people in leadership positions who will be tasked to distribute agricultural inputs sourced by government for the summer cropping season to shun corruption and ensure that the inputs reach the targeted people.


Government has pledged to support households under a US$51 million facility for the 2010/11 summer cropping season as part of efforts to enhance food security in the country.

Addressing delegates who attended the Zanu PF Harare Provincial Annual Conference in Harare, Vice President Mujuru warned those in leadership positions who will be tasked with distributing the inputs not to divert them for personal use but to ensure that they reach the targeted people.

“We do not want to hear any news of corruption, let the rightful people benefit from this scheme and not people responsible for the disbursement of the inputs. Lets us lead by example,” said Cde Mujuru.

Beneficiaries from across the country are expected to pay for the inputs through a voucher system and those without cash will engage in public works programs.

Each household will get a 50kg bag of ammonium nitrate fertiliser, 50kg of compound d fertiliser and 10kg maize seed or 5kg of small grain seed.

Cde mujuru said Government will also assist the elderly and child headed households under a separate programme.

The agricultural sector is expected to grow by 18,8% in the 2010/11 season surpassing the initial 10% target.

Previously, the country was relying on imports which often came late or were of poor quality, compromising yields for most of the crops.

Meanwhile, seed houses have confirmed that they have enough seed for the season while fertiliser companies have secured a combined US$50 million facility to produce at least 300 000 tonnes of fertiliser.

Already, about 100 000 tonnes of fertiliser are on the market.