baba manyeruke.jpgTwenty local musicians from all genres are expected to hold a charity show to raise funds for erecting tombstones of fallen musicians.

The Zimbabwe Life Foundation of Musicians, a group of musicians, will hold its first show tomorrow at Dzivarasekwa Stadium, with proceeds going towards the erection and refurbishment of graves for their departed fellow musicians.


Spokesperson for the organisation, Baba Mechanic Manyeruke said the show is meant to honour and give the dead musicians some dignity and the respect they deserve.


“We saw that musicians are dying and are being buried like rats. This project is meant to remember them and accord them some dignity,” said Baba Manyeruke.


Coordinator, Mr. Simbarashe Kadzere said they saw it befitting to accord musicians some respect, adding that they are working with other stakeholders in the arts sector not just to honour the dead, but to better the lives of living crossroads.jpg


He said: “We are working with the National Arts Council,  Zimra, Zimbabwe Union of Musicians… also putting billboards on tombstones.”


Musicians Somandla Ndebele and Vabati VaJehovha urged fans to come and support the show, as musicians live off their fans.


The show is expected to be graced by more than twenty artists among them, Cephas Mashakada, Kapfupi, Hosia Chipanga, Extra Large, Winky D and Nicholas Zacharia.