School students from Nyagori Satelite Secondary in rural Norton near Sandringham High School have described the construction of a new house and drilling of a school borehole as a milestone development for their school.

Nyagori Satelite Secondary School is one of the schools in Zimbabwe still in their infant stage hence it’s still faced with a plethora of challenges.

One of the challenges was provision of clean water and accommodation and thanks to the intervention of the area legislator Themba Mliswa, the problem has been halved said Chief Chivero and the children.

Acting schools district inspector Mr Emmanuel Kudyarawanza said the school has computers but still needs electricity.

Honourable Mliswa said the infrastructure partly financed by the Constituency Development Fund and from his own pocket is progressive for such marginalised areas.

“The funding wasn’t enough so I ended up using my personal money so that teachers would have better accommodation but for now it’s being used as a classroom,” he said.

Most schools in rural settings are still faced with a number of challenges with school children having to walk long distances to access education.