Young farmers from Manicaland where given a platform to showcase their products and also learn to improve their agricultural skills and knowledge at a market day recently held in Mutare.

The Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) hosted a Young Farmers’ Market day in partnership with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises Development where young farmers from Manicaland were able to showcase their products, interact with markets, policy makers and support service institutions.

Manicaland Minister of State, Dr Ellen Gwaradzimba commended the initiative which complements government efforts to enhance food security and alleviate poverty.

“Let me acknowledge the Ministry of Women’s Affairs for the collaboration and assistance provided to young entrepreneurs over the years especially on initiatives such as empowerment of youths on key elements in agriculture. These initiatives complement government’s strategic efforts to address issues to do with food security, poverty alleviation and to increase employment among the young people by engaging them in farming activities,” she said.

The young farmers expressed gratitude for being provided with a platform to showcase their products and to improve their agricultural skills and knowledge.

“We are grateful for this marketing day as we learn from others and also get the opportunity to market our products, but the problem is that the money we are getting from selling our products is less than the money we are using to buy the agricultural inputs so we end up incurring so much debts,” said the farmers.

ZFU and the Women’s Affairs Ministry are also working in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme and a local bank to support young farmers.