An urban farming cooperative in Glen View has donated bags of maize to the needy in that area as a way of giving back to the community.

Urban farming is a common economic activity for most urban dwellers.

However, the act has been taken to new levels by a group of elderly people who formed a cooperative to practise farming that is benefiting the Glen View community.

Mr Cuthbert Mavhura of Nzara Imhandu Agricultural Cooperative said they have decided to assist the disadvantaged in their community in order to relieve their plight.

“We decided to help Tariro Mental Patients Home and Isheanesu Multipurpose Home with bags of maize because we have also been assisted by the City of Harare with small pieces of land to farm,” he said.

Mr Cosmas Gwiriri who is the District Officer for Glen View said they gave the cooperative land to farm after several run ins with the local authorities for illegal farming.

“We are happy with this cooperative because they are helping the needy but it started off with chasing them for illegal urban farming,” said Mr Gwiriri.

Representatives from Tariro Mental Patients Home and Isheanesu Multipurpose Home expressed gratitude for the donation saying it will go a long way in sustaining the inmates.

Urban farming was once banned by the city fathers but the decision was reversed after an outcry by urban dwellers who depended on it for their livelihoods.