The country’s silos some of which were in a bad state have been rehabilitated.

However, the unavailability of maize driers at GMB depots has been cited as a critical area which call for urgent attention ahead of the anticipated grain bumper harvest this season.

With plans underway to harvest maize produced under command agriculture and with plans for farmers to venture into wheat command agriculture, the parliamentary portfolio committee on agriculture visited one of the biggest GMB storage facilities in Harare to assess the state of preparedness of the grain reserves.

This Friday (today, technical teams were busy carrying maintenance works at the silos but the issue of funding to secure driers and sprucing up storage facility came under spotlight.

Treasury has so far released over US$11 million towards silos rehabilitation while US$46 million is required to ensure proper handling of the over one million tonnes of maize expected to be delivered to GMB.

GMB storage facilities consist of hard stalks which have the capacity to hold three million tonnes, shades and silos with a capacity of over 700 000 tonnes of grain.