green.jpgThe Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Management, Cde Francis Nhema says there is need to shift from a brown economy to a green economy concept to ensure that economic development continues to take place in a sustainable manner.

Cde Nhema said this in Indonesia where he is attending the 11th special session of the Governing Council-Global Ministerial Environment Forum of United Nations and Environment program.


He stressed the need for political will to spearhead the transition to a green economy through comprehensive policies and legislation. 


Cde Nhema, chaired a ministerial round-table whose theme was ‘The green economy’.


He said a green economy entails low carbon emissions, reduced energy and materials in the production process and less waste and pollution.


Cde Nhema also added that in order to ensure full participation, there is to need raise awareness and understanding of the green economy concept among all stake holders, including all arms of government.