winterwheat1.jpgThe continued decline in the agricultural sector has once again come under the spotlight  amid revelations that the sharp decline recorded in winter wheat production can be traced, not only to Finance Minister Tendai Biti’s doorstep, but  back to MDC-T agenda to reverse the gains of the land reform program.

Farmers who had hoped to plant their winter wheat crop on the 12th of May have been crying foul as the treasury failed to avail the necessary funds leaving farmers with questions as to why it has seemed difficult to finance farming since the consummation of the Global Political Agreement.

This also comes amid reports that MDC-T is undertaking a parallel land audit to ascertain productivity on the farmers and by starving the farmers of the much needed financial support, it will have reason to claim that resettled farmers are not producing.

However, economic analyst, Mr. Jonathan Kadzura, said MDC-T was formed on the basis that it will serve the west’s interest of a regime change in Zimbabwe.


He said the nation must be reminded that what is happening in the farming sector is not new as it was always the MDC-T’s western masters’ agenda to derail the land reform program.

Former Zimbabwe Farmers Union Vice President, Cde. Edward Raradza, blamed the Ministry of Finance for giving farmers empty promises saying the failure by the responsible Minister to release the funds on time is a deliberate ploy by MDC-T to sabotage the revival of agriculture in Zimbabwe.


Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development Minister, Dr. Joseph Made said farmers are doing their part but they are being let down by lack of support from government, sighting delays by the Ministry of Finance as a blow to most farmers who had tilled their land anticipating that they will get inputs on time.

This year has been described as the worst winter wheat season ever as for the first time in history the country is expected to achieve a paltry 10 thousand tonnes of wheat out of the required 400 thousand.

Now that it has once again emerged that MDC-T is allegedly conducting a parallel land audit, observers noted that time has now come for ZANU PF to stamp its authority and protect the resettled farmers and the whole agriculture sector.