shamuu.jpgThe Minister of Media, Information and Publicity who is also the ZANU PF National Political Commissar, Cde Webster Shamu has openly castigated homosexuality following reports that some MDC politicians are calling for the inclusion of gay rights in the new constitution.


Meanwhile in a twist of events in the MDC-T, Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai’s  Spokesperson , James Maridadi, is alleged to have contradicted the party leader and Prime Minister, who recently concurred with the  Head of State and Government and Commander -In-Chief of the Defence Forces, President  Robert Mugabe on the issue of gays in Zimbabwe.


Early last week,  the Prime Minister made his position clear that the issue of gay is a shame to mankind and should never be entertained in Zimbabwe as being championed by some misguided  so- called gay activists who want it  enshrined in the  country’s new constitution.


President Mugabe is on record castigating homosexuality which he said should never be allowed to exist referring to gays and lesbians at one time as lower than pigs and dogs.


This week at a belated women’s rights function held in Chitungwiza, Cde Mugabe and Prime Minister Tsvangirai told hundreds of women that they categorically reject the posibility of incorporating gay rights in the new constitution.


In his comments, Maridadi is alleged to have said what Mr. Tsvangirai pronounced in Chitungwiza over the gay issue was his personal opinion which does not represent MDC- T.


This raises more questions than answers on whether the party intends to uphold gay rights in Zimbabwe.


A number of countries in Africa including Malawi, Tanzania and Namibia have spoken strongly against homosexuality.