sychelles carnival.jpgZimbabwe’s delegation to the Seychelles Carnival led by Vice President Joice Mujuru is back home after a successful tour of duty which saw the country scooping 3rd prize for International Floating and Good Performance during the carnival procession.

The Jerusarema Mbende dance performance charmed world leaders, locals and tourists in the small Indian Ocean Island.


In an interview, Vice President Mujuru said attending the carnival was an eye opener and a blessing considering that the country won the 3rd best prize.


Seychelles as a country through its President, Mr. James Michel, has thrown its weight behind Zimbabwe’s anti-sanctions lobby pledging to use every available international platform to help its sister nation.

Cde Mujuru challenged local tourism authorities to organise a similar event to market the country better.

Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister, Cde Walter Mzembi, said the prize is testimony of various achievements Zimbabwe has had on the tourism front as a culmination of hard work by the nation at large.


“Zimbabwe should begin to measure happiness of the people through a new concept in tourism called Gross Domestic Happiness, GDH, which can be achieved through organising carnivals and festivities like the Jacaranda festival or the Nyami Nyani festival in which people display and package all their achievements and accomplishments and celebrate them,” said Cde Mzembi.

RETOSA Chairperson who is also the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Dr Sylvester Maunganidze, urged all SADC countries to learn from Seychelles and start putting tourism at its rightful place in the economy.


The Seychelles carnival held in the heart of the small island saw two days of live music, a carnival procession, array of international food stalls and family fun day and all night party.


Zimbabwe and Seychelles enjoy good relations dating back to the 80s when Seychelles used to send medical students for training at the University of Zimbabwe.