An active body is healthy and sport it is an integral part to create a healthy nation.

In the spirit of the new curriculum to advance practical learning, the weekend was awash with sporting activities as several schools held their sports competitions one such happening at a pre-school ‘Learning Planet’ where two-year olds were already beginning to show their desire to learn the art of excellence in sport.

It was a sports day with a difference as toddlers some as young as two engaged in a competitive mode with only one aim in mind, to come first in the race and make their parents proud.

The young athletes gave their best in the various races that included relays, flat races, washing line and shopping basket races which of course were littered with hiccups but ultimately achieved the motive of keeping the body fit.

‘Practice what you preach they say’ and parents’ who often advice and encourage children to play sport lived to their teaching as they came in droves to support their children, let alone also took part in the parents races that featured one for the ‘gogos’, ‘sekurus’ and couples.

Learning Planet principal Mrs Roweena Joseph said such support from parents is what will make Zimbabwe a great sporting nation.

Who knows maybe it is from this crop of young athletes that one day Zimbabwe will unearth its next great athlete who may surpass the records set by other great athletes like Olympians Rutendo Nyahora, Cuthbert Masango and Wirimai Juwawo to name but a few.