zifa.gifZIFA has been called upon to focus more on technical expertise and experience in the selection of a new Warriors coach.


The advice given by former players Alois Bunjira and Innocent Chikoya follows an advertisement by the local football governing body for a prospective national coach to have at least five O’ Levels among others qualifications.

The two feel that requirement is a bit stringent as football is more to do with expertise gained through years of experience rather than academic qualifications.

 “I don’t see where this Ordinary level thing is coming from because what is needed is a coach who is intellect enough to speak and write English for purposes of training but the committee should look at more of what that person has achieved or can do for the game.

“Can he map out a training schedule? Does he have respect? Is he well disciplined? And one who has no inferiority complex what so ever, “said Bunjira.

The demand by the football body leaves most local coaches out of the equation meaning that ZIFA will be forced to consider a foreign coach. Ironically in the advertisement there are no academic requirements for foreign coaches who have different academic systems to that of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwean football has over the years seen an involvement of just a few well educated players with most gifted in just playing the sport.

At a global level most successful coaches like Brazilian Dunga, Argentina Diego Maradona have been rated not by their academic qualifications but by what they have achieved. A few exceptions such as José Mourinhos show trace of academic achievements as Mourinho is said to be a holder of a sports science diploma from the University of Lisbon.